Initial Consultation

The Law Office of Annalise H. Scobey charges a flat fee for any initial consultation. Please call to inquire about our rate.  This is done with the intent to ensure that you are able to fully explain the details of your case, and we are able to provide sound legal advice tailored to your specific situation.  The consultation is an important step in any case, and an opportunity for you to receive advice on your situation.  Should you decide to retain our firm, the consultation will be the ground work needed to move forward on your case. However, should you choose to represent yourself, the consultation will still be a benefit in understanding the legal landscape and your particular path. 

Unbundled Services

More and more people are deciding to represent themselves in their family law matters instead of being represented by an attorney from start to finish. However, there are many important and difficult tasks involved in any case, and to properly ensure that your rights are being protected it is always best to obtain legal advice.  Unbundled services are simply a way for an attorney to help with certain, discrete portions of your case, while you continue to represent yourself.  This might be the drafting of documents, a limited appearance for a single hearing, or a meeting to discuss legal strategy.  

Unbundled services are not appropriate for everyone.  If your case is complicated, or you feel unable to understand and follow the rules and procedures of the court, then it might be best to retain an attorney for full representation.

All cases require an initial consultation, and at that time we can discuss the options available unbundled and whether they would be appropriate for your case. 

Fees and Payment

Please call to inquire about hourly rates.  We accept cash, check, and credit card.  Further, most invoices may be conveniently paid online.